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CRPPM Mission Statement
Mission Statement
To a large extent, the success of any community association rests with its management. Whether your association consists of 20 units or 2,000 units, it should be conducted as a business. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to act reasonably and properly in making good business judgments. And, one of these judgments is to avoid getting involved in every single detail of the association.
A well-run association should hire and delegate the major responsibilities to the management company.  In our opinion, management of any community association typically involves the following areas of responsibility: general administration, financial and account management, maintenance of common areas, the provision of common services, internal communications, procurement and oversight of contractors and vendors, and assistance to the Board of Directors on policy matters.
In addition, we believe the ability of a management company to include Optional Services, necessary to operate and maintain a community association, offers the association a level of dependability and accountability not otherwise available when the association contracts with multiple vendors.  Moreover, the ability to have each category of expenditures set in advance and guaranteed is invaluable in controlling the property expenditures approved in the annual budget. Our property managers have been working in this market since 2009 and have established extensive relationships with expert and reliable contractors and vendors in the community to ensure satisfactory performance of a wide range of tasks.
Finally, we believe that a management company should be held to a high standard of performance and, therefore, we include such a provision in each and every management contract.  This is our guarantee that we will meet our commitment to your Association and the Board.
We appreciate the opportunity to present our services to your community.
We look forward to working with you